Maximize Your Helium Mining Rewards

Real-Time Monitoring and Notifications

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snapshot of your vitals

Get all the details about your hotspot's activity at a glance. Check when your hotspot was last witnessed or beaconed, and keep track of its recent activity using the activity bar.

View your reward details on a daily or weekly basis, so you always know what you've earned.

Snapshot of Your Vitals

rewards analysis

View the share of each hotspot activity in your earnings and compare it with your neighbor hotspots to evaluate your performance.

Rewards Analysis

improve your coverage with ease

Get a complete view of your network coverage with our "Witnessed" and "Witnesses" maps.

With HeliumGeek, you can easily identify the most rewarding connections by viewing neighbor hotspots colored by transmit scale information.

View the quality of your witnessed hotspots with their transmit scale distribution.

Improve your coverage with ease

stay on top of your hotspot's activity

Get notifications for rewards and activity gaps. Set up alerts to receive instant notifications when your device is rewarded or inactive for an extended period.

With HeliumGeek, you'll stay in the loop and always be in the know.

get notified when hotspot is down

always keep your rewards in sight

See your hotspot's rewards and compare them to the week's average, without the need to constantly refresh the application screens.

Add the widget to your home screen for easy access.

Always keep your rewards in sight

rewards on your wrist

Check your 24-hour rolling rewards on your Apple Watch face with our dedicated app.

Rewards on your wrist