Monitor your Helium miner

Get prompt push notification alerts when your hotspot goes down or inactive

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vitals in a snapshot

Instantly see all the activity details. See the last time your hotspot witnessed or beaconed. Also the activity bar displays all the activity details for the recent days.

Your reward details are also there for you, either you want to see it daily or weekly.

hotspot vitals in a snapshot

analyze reward distribution

See the share of each hotspot activity in your earnings.

Check the distribution for your neighbour hotspots to judge how well you perform.

analyze hotspot reward distribution

see and improve coverage

See both "Witnessed" and "Witnesses" map.

HeliumGeek colors the neighbor hotspots with the transmit scale information, so you can judge which connections results more reward.

You can also see the distribution of the quality of your witnessed hotspots, the transmit scale distribution

see and improve coverage of your hotspot

get notified for rewards or activity gaps

Activate the notifications and get prompt alerts when your device is rewarded or when the device is passive for long.

HeliumGeek alerts you immediately!

get notified when hotspot is down

your rewards, always at sight

Add our widget to your home screen and always keep an eye on the hotspot's rewards. You will never need to keep refreshing application screens.

See the actual reward value and the comparison with the week's average. You can easily get if you are performing better today.

HeliumGeek Reward Widget

fastest way to check your rewards

With our Apple Watch app, your 24-hour rolling rewards are always on your watch face.

HeliumGeek Apple Watch complications