Introducing the Helium Off-chain API

As Helium transitions to Solana as its L1, the Helium blockchain API has been deprecated. To ensure uninterrupted data and reporting capabilities, HeliumGeek is excited to announce the release of our new API for the Solana era.

The Helium Off-chain API is now available, powering the latest versions of HeliumGeek. This robust API offers real-time data for IoT and mobile devices, including PoC, speed test results, heartbeats, and rewards.

Please note that access to the Helium Off-chain API will be evaluated and considered based on specific use cases. We aim to provide access to users whose needs align with our API capabilities and can benefit from its features.

For inquiries regarding paid access to the API and to discuss your use case, please contact us at We are eager to collaborate with you and unlock the full potential of the Helium network!