Exploring HIP-103: The Mobile Oracle Hex Boosting Impact

The Helium network has always been at the forefront of decentralized wireless communication, striving to improve and innovate. The latest development, HIP-103, also known as Mobile Oracle Hex Boosting, is a testament to this ongoing commitment. In essence, HIP-103 is designed to enhance network value by motivating users to establish CBRS and Wi-Fi coverage in targeted areas that most require it, as determined by Oracles.

Decoding the Oracle's Wisdom

Oracles play a pivotal role in HIP-103, determining the coverage necessity through boosts that can either increase or decrease for each hex. These boosts are categorized and labeled—starting with 'A' for highest necessity down the alphabet. The crux of this system lies in combining the categories from each Oracle to pinpoint areas of overlapping needs, resulting in combination values like ABA or BCA, and so forth.

An intriguing aspect of HIP-103 is its recognition of Service Providers' contributions to network coverage. If a Service Provider significantly boosts a res12 hex, the Oracle Multiplier for that hex is pegged at a full 1.00X, overriding the assigned combination value.

Oracles in Action

HIP-103 proposes the gradual implementation of three different oracles: Urbanization, Footfall, and LandType. The Urbanization Oracle was the first to go live on March 4th, 2024, and it assesses coverage under three distinct categories:

  • Urban (A): Enjoying a full 1.00X multiplier.
  • Not urban (B): Assigned a 0.25X multiplier.
  • Out of the US (C): Attracted a 0.00X multiplier, indicating no need for coverage.

Witnessing the Impact via HeliumGeek

How does one observe the changes brought about by HIP-103 on individual hotspots? It's simple with HeliumGeek.

  • Daily Reward Reports: Your hotspot's daily rewards, reflected on the "Off-Chain Activities" screen, will now mirror the scaled coverage points adjusted by the Urbanization Oracle.

  • Average Multiplier Calculations: HeliumGeek takes the extra step to calculate the average Oracle Hex Boosting multiplier for the area your radio covers. This breakdown is available on the hotspot screen for easy reference.

  • Real-Time Coverage Points: For our premium subscribers on both iOS and Android platforms, HeliumGeek has updated its systems to integrate the HIP-103 framework into our live coverage point calculations. By expanding the coverage points section, users can discern the precise influence of Oracle Hex Boosting.

  • Visual Coverage Maps: Exclusive to our premium iOS users, HeliumGeek offers a visual representation of the hotspot's coverage area, categorizing each hex based on the Urbanization Oracle's findings. As the other Oracles roll out, these maps will be updated to provide even more comprehensive insights.

HIP-103 is a bold step towards refining the Helium network, ensuring that coverage is not only widespread but also strategically placed where it's most needed. Through the HeliumGeek app, users are empowered to track these changes in real-time, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of this wireless revolution. Stay tuned to HeliumGeek for more updates as the remaining Oracles come online, further bolstering the capabilities of this groundbreaking network.