Helium Message Board: Messaging platform for hotspot owners

How many times have you found yourself wanting to reach out to the owner of a hotspot in order to discuss the location or learn more about their strategies for success? HeliumGeek presents the Helium Message Board (HMB), a communication platform designed to assist Helium hotspot owners in network planning activities.

With HMB, each hotspot has a public board where other hotspot owners, such as neighboring hotspot owners, can post messages and communicate with one another. The messages are attributed to your wallet, providing a secure and safe messaging environment. To validate your wallet, all you need to do is link it safely using deep-linking. This process ensures that only legitimate hotspot owners can participate in the communication.

The main purpose of the HMB platform is to provide a dedicated medium for communication and collaboration among hotspot owners for network planning activities. Only hotspot owners are able to post messages on the platform. HMB also includes a notification system that will alert you of any new replies to your messages, unless you choose to un-follow the board.

Additionally, HMB allows you to be notified when someone tries to reach out to you regarding your hotspot. This feature can be utilized by claiming ownership of your hotspot(s) by linking your wallet. This feature allows for an easy and seamless way for other hotspot owners to contact you for network planning or other related activities.

HMB provides a platform for hotspot owners to communicate and collaborate on network planning activities, that is free, safe and easy to use. To start messaging, just make sure you are on the most recent version of HeliumGeek.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see the messages?

HMB is a message board platform that allows messages to be publicly available to anyone.

How can I send a direct message to someone?

Direct messaging is not available on HMB. Instead, messages are posted on a message board and are viewable by anyone who visits the board.

What is a message board?

A message board is a public medium where users can post messages. Each hotspot on HMB has its own message board where users can post messages and hotspot owners can respond to them if they choose to.

Who gets notified of new messages on a message board?

Users who follow a message board and the hotspot owner will receive notifications for new messages on the board.

How do I follow a message board?

To follow a message board, simply tap on the star icon on the board screen. When you post a message, you will automatically follow the board. To unfollow a board, simply tap on the star icon again.

How do I know who the hotspot owner is?

HMB provides a mechanism for claiming hotspot ownership through the Helium Wallet app deeplinking mechanism. Once you claim ownership, you will receive notifications for new messages on the boards for your hotspots. If you do not claim ownership, you will not receive notifications unless you follow specific boards.

Why isn't the hotspot owner responding to my message?

There could be multiple reasons why the hotspot owner has not responded to your message:

  • They may choose not to reply.
  • They may have disabled notifications for HeliumGeek and have not seen your message.
  • They may not have linked their wallet or followed the board, so HeliumGeek does not know if they are the owner.