Why should I subscribe?

HeliumGeek provides many ways to check your Helium hotspot vitals instantly. You can see all your hotspots' vitals and the earnings on the dashboard page, dig the daily / monthly reward reports, compare with other hotspots around you, understand the details of the PoC activities and any activity gaps you are having.

HeliumGeek makes sure you have the most accurate and prompt information about your fleet, all for free.


Subscription Benefits

Either if you have a single hotspot or a fleet with many of them, managing your miners requires you to keep an eye on them all the time. You will want to make sure all is OK with them and they are still earning properly. Checking all these will take some time of yours.

With the subscription, HeliumGeek watches your hotspots 7/24 for you and notifies you immediately when needed. When you have an active subscription, you will get more data for certain charts to let you analyze better what is happening. Also, you will get an ad-free HeliumGeek experience.

Monitoring Notifications

When enabled for a hotspot, monitoring notifications are sent for the following cases:

  • State is 'Inactive' / 'Active'
  • Not witnessing for a long time
  • Not beaconing for a long time
  • Transmit scale has changed
  • You have a new hotspot in your neighborhood

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Reward Alerts

This feature is to notify you each time your hotspot is rewarded.

More historical data

Subscribers will have more data displayed for the following reports:

  • PoC Activity Bar
  • Reward Activity chart
  • Custom UTC range reward sum
  • Reward Ranking charts
  • Witness Trends charts


HeliumGeek may display ads at different screens. For the subscribers the ads are blocked and they enjoy an ad-free HeliumGeek experience.