Why subscribe to HeliumGeek?

HeliumGeek provides a comprehensive set of tools to help you monitor your Helium hotspot vitals instantly. You can view your hotspots' vitals and earnings on the dashboard page, access daily/monthly reward reports, compare with other hotspots around you, and understand the details of PoC activities and any activity gaps you might have. All of these features are available for free.

However, subscribing to HeliumGeek brings added benefits that make managing your hotspots easier and more convenient. Whether you have a single hotspot or a fleet of many, managing your miners can be time-consuming. With a subscription, HeliumGeek watches your hotspots 24/7 and immediately notifies you when needed. Plus, with a subscription, you'll gain access to more data for certain charts, allowing you to analyze what's happening more effectively. And, you'll enjoy an ad-free HeliumGeek experience.

Monitoring Notifications

By enabling monitoring notifications, you'll be alerted to any important changes with your miner.

These notifications are sent when:

  • Your hotspot hasn't been witnessing or beaconing for a long time
  • Your hex scale has changed
  • Your hotspot hasn't had a speedtest in a while
  • Your hotspot hasn't sent a heartbeat for a long time
  • Your heartbeat score falls below the 12-hour threshold
  • Your speedtest reward multiplier changes

Reward Alerts

With this feature, you'll receive a notification each time your hotspot is rewarded for IoT and mobile activities.

Ad Blocking

HeliumGeek displays ads at different screens, but with a subscription, you'll enjoy an ad-free experience.

Support Us

Subscribing to HeliumGeek supports our efforts to maintain top-notch infrastructure for you. By subscribing, you'll be helping us to continue providing excellent service and support.

With HeliumGeek's subscription benefits, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your hotspots are being monitored and managed effectively, and you'll be supporting a team that's dedicated to providing the best possible service to its users. So why wait? Subscribe to HeliumGeek today!