Understanding the Impact of HIP-83 on Hotspot Owners

As you may be aware, there is a new Helium Improvement Proposal (HIP-83) aimed at enhancing the PoC mechanism. In summary, this proposal suggests changing how witness reports are selected for rewarding by opting for the earliest reports. Currently, witness reports are randomly selected from all reports received during the PoC window (~3 minutes).

Determining "the earliest reports" will not rely on the absolute time the hotspot decides to report the PoC but on the time the Oracle receives the report. This approach addresses the issue of hotspot-reported time unreliability, and as a result, the hotspot's IP connection will have a significant impact on earnings.

How will it impact the network?

The primary objective of this proposal is to reward hotspots that offer faster and more reliable service to sensors.

With considerable network coverage already in place across most cities, the focus should shift to improving service quality and increasing data traffic on the network. HIP-83 plays a vital role in achieving this goal by rewarding hotspots that deliver superior service to sensors.

How will it impact hotspot owners?

The impact of HIP-83 on hotspot owners will depend on their hotspot's location and the quality of their internet connection. HIP-15 rewards 14 witnesses to ensure coverage redundancy. If your hotspot is located in an area with fewer hotspots where most beacons are witnessed by less than 14 hotspots, the impact of this proposal will be minimal. However, if your hotspot is situated in an area with many hotspots witnessing the beacons, the impact of HIP-83 will be more significant.

It's important to note that HIP-83 only affects witnessing rewards and not beaconing rewards. Witnessing rewards constitute a significant portion of total earnings for a well-configured hotspot setup.

While the earliest reports are prioritized under HIP-83, it does not guarantee that the same hotspot will be selected every time. Factors like the IP network introduce some level of randomness to the selection process. Nonetheless, hotspots with better IP connections will have a higher chance of being selected.

Network wide impact

Let's take a closer look at the network-wide impact of HIP-83 on the selected witness reports for hotspots. The chart below provides an insightful view of how the number of hotspots is affected by changes in their selected witness reports. The positive numbers indicate an increase in selected witness reports, while the negative numbers represent a decrease. It's important to note that the y-axis is presented in a log scale to capture the full range of data, highlighting any outliers.

HIP83 - delta distribution for selected witness report counts
generated by @gutentag on Discord

The chart clearly demonstrates that while many hotspots experience fluctuations in their witnessing rewards, only a few witness a significant increase. This analysis sheds light on the varying impact across different hotspots and brands within the network.

The chart below illustrates that by favoring faster reports, the total number of hotspots receiving witnessing rewards will decrease by 3.83%. If HIP-83 is modified to reward the first 25 witness reports, the decrease becomes 0.90%. (This chart is based on PoC data from May 5, 2023, 1:00:00 UTC, to May 6, 2023, 1:00:00 UTC epoch)

HIP83 - change in witness rewarded hotspots

Impact on hotspots brands

Examining the distribution of witness report changes for individual hotspot makers/brands provides further insight. As depicted in the chart below, we can observe that certain brands are impacted more significantly than others.

HIP83 - delta distribution for selected witness report counts by brand
generated by @gutentag on Discord

This analysis highlights the varying effects of HIP-83 across different makers and underscores the importance of understanding the specific implications for each brand within the network.

HeliumGeek Features to assess the impact of HIP-83

Discover the network-wide impact of HIP-83 with our HIP-83 map. HIP83 map

This interactive map vividly displays the changes in the number of witness reports and witnessing reward units for each hotspot, providing valuable insights into the effects of HIP-83 across the network. By color coding each hotspot on the map, users can easily visualize the specific impact on individual hotspots.

To better understand the impact of HIP-83 on your hotspot, HeliumGeek offers two subscription-based features:

  • "Arrival Order" for your hotspot: Access this feature by going to the hotspot screen, tapping on the "Witnessed" block, or by tapping the top right icon on the same screen and selecting a specific receipt.
  • Potential witness map and counts with HIP-83: Tap on the hotspot, scroll down, and select "Witnessed." Set "Selection Status" to "All" and "Arrival Order" to "In Fastest 14."

The PoC detail screen also displays the time gap for all


In conclusion, the introduction of HIP-83 brings forth an important change to the Helium network's Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) mechanism. By shifting the focus to rewarding the earliest witness reports, this proposal aims to enhance the quality of service provided by hotspots to sensors, ultimately boosting the overall network performance.

Hotspot owners should take note of the potential impact HIP-83 may have on their earnings, which is contingent upon their hotspot's location and the quality of their internet connection. It is important to analyze how these factors align with the proposed changes to witness report selection.

To fully grasp the implications of HIP-83 and engage in meaningful discussions, we encourage you to explore the complete proposal yourself.

Additionally, the Helium community actively participates in discussions and shares valuable insights on the official Helium Discord server. Join the conversation, ask questions, and exchange thoughts with the authors, fellow hotspot owners and Helium enthusiasts.

Together, we can shape the future of the Helium network and further strengthen its capabilities through collaboration and active participation.

Study the proposal, join the discussion, and let your voice be heard!